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Eva A
3xcellent Very good customer care
A highly knowledgeable acupuncturist I have been to see Jon several times so far and have been amazed at his attention to detail and his interest in who you are and how you function . He has impressed me in his methods and reasonings. I will continue to visit as I have faith in the process. And have already recommended him to others. Thank you Jon !
Acupuncture with Jon I always look forward to my acupuncture treatment with Jon. He is a superb acupuncturist with a great ability to listen and provide wise thoughts as well as insert needles in the required place. I have progressed and healed in so many ways, mentally, physically and spiritually, since having acupuncture with Jon.
Susanna B
A Wise and Experienced Practitioner Jon's treatments do so much more than address immediate or ongoing health concerns. He holds a space where I can explore the full spectrum of my human experience, enabling me to move forward with greater clarity and confidence, whatever the circumstance. Jon is a wise and experienced practitioner.
Excellent treatment Jon is lovely, his acupuncture brought back my aliveness.
Eva A
Highly recommended I have had a monthly treatment for a few years now as a preventative measure. In this way my stress level is kept at reasonable levels and my energy levels are steadier. I book three months in advance now as I now it works. Book now!
Long term treatment I have been seeing Jon for over 2 years. Originally to treat some specific concerns but ongoing has been just about keeping balanced and treatments really do help with that. Jon is extremely understanding and patient and always answers any questions I raise and that's what you need in a therapist.
My accupuncture experience I have had 7 accupuncture appointments now with Jon and plan to have more- my friend suzie originally recommended Jon to me and I can see why. I look forward to each appointment knowing I am in safe, wise, trusting, funny (not strange!) and skilful hands. I know I can talk freely, ask questions, not talk, discuss anything if I want to. After each appointment I have felt an incomparable relaxed feeling in my head and body. I would recommend weekly appointments for the treatments to be most effective and beneficial. I really miss not seeing Jon when I don't have an appointment in a week.